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Udiworld Incorporation offers an online platform for buyers and sellers to meet. Our vision is to meet the demands of customers, who in their comfort zone can access products and services of various type: Children needs, Adult needs, Household Supplies, Construction Supplies, Security Devices, Gadgets, Food and Housing to mention just a few. Our prices are certified unique and affordable.
Udiworld Incorporation was founded in 2019 in Ibadan, Nigeria by Francis Joseph, who is the company's CEO.
Coming from a backgound of providing services, importing and exporting of goods, Udiworld Inc. has gathered an exclusive database of Vendors in Ibadan who offers quality goods at competitive prices, Udiworld aims to cut down the long waiting period and the logistics hassles experienced with goods arriving from outside the State.
At Udiworld, we understand that shopping online should be easy and smooth, and our shoppers should get value for their money with every order.
Udiworld Inc. creates a platform for Vendors positive about their product(s). A wide variety of contents can be seen on udiworld.com, with the added benefit of an arrangement for  aftersale services or referrals as the product might require.
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